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“I’ve had the privilege of working with Jeanné over the past 5 years in several different capacities, each of which was extremely enriching, educational, and critical to my growth as a clinician and my clients’ development in therapy. Jeanné was my supervisor as a trainee and intern in graduate school, has been someone I’ve sought out for private consultation, and is an esteemed colleague in the field. Her devotion and diligence toward the profession, her willingness to share insight from her years of experience as a therapist, and her passion for helping people grow and reach their potential serve as a perfect example of the therapist I strive to become. I am unequivocally a better person and therapist for having worked with Jeanné, and my clients have significantly benefited as a result.”

Patrick Tsukamaki, LMFT

Jeanné Guaspari is an excellent clinician and supervisor.  As her colleague we served in the capacity of adjunct faculty for many years at the JFK University Graduate Psychology Program.  I knew her to always be of sound clinical judgment, adept at understanding different therapeutic approaches, and able to treat people with a variety of presenting problems.  She connects well with both students, other therapists, and with clients.  She offers a wonderful combination of skill and compassion in her therapeutic work.


April Wise, Psy.D., LMFT, LPCC

"When asked for a psychotherapy referral for adults and couples, Jeanné Guaspari is a name that immediately comes to mind. As a result of our shared work as clinical supervisors guiding MFT trainees and interns towards licensure, Jeanné and I attended weekly meetings together for nearly 10 years. Our ongoing discussions about therapist development have allowed me to see her clinical thinking and process up close. Jeanné keeps up to date with the most current trends and advances in our field. She is actively committed to supporting others in navigating life’s challenges."


Francine Ostrem, Ph.D., LMFT

"Jeanné is the perfect blend of compassion, knowledge, and professionalism. Her authentic and empathetic nature gives her clients a sense of safety, while her vast experience allows her to more quickly get to the heart of their challenges and provide help.  As a therapist, Jeanné is the first professional I think of when needing consultation with my own clients."

Katherine Jewett, LMFT


Clients have told me they appreciate my interactive and compassionate style.  Here is a sampling of comments from recent clients:

“You have a way of helping people make sense of confusing feelings. So many times I would tell you about the jumble of things I was experiencing and you would put your finger exactly on the core of the problem.”

“My husband and I were really discouraged when we entered couples therapy.  We had had so many years of fighting and conflict. But, little by little, you helped us find our way back to each other.  I never thought it would happen, but it did.”

"”You have a skillful way of taking my jumbled thoughts and simplifying them down to what's really at the core of the issue.  You are always empathetic and professional and have helped me discover solutions to issues within myself that I never would have thought about on my own without your guidance.  I have recommended you to others I know who are considering therapy."


"You always made me feel that my emotions were valid and real and gave me tools to understand those emotions.”


"I had lived with OCD for so many years.  It has been remarkable how much my symptoms have improved. I feel confident now in my ability to deal with this condition.

"You are so good at looking at my problems from different angles and helping me see not only what was happening to me, but also what actions I could take to address my issues."


"You’ve been great; warm and compassionate without ever being unprofessional. You’ve helped me so much!"


"I always thought I was alone in my struggle with OCD, but working with you has helped me realize that not only am I not alone, but that OCD is a totally common and treatable condition."


"As a man, I'd been conditioned that talking about my feelings was a sign of weakness. You helped me overcome that conditioning and all of my relationships have improved because of your help."

“You have two qualities that have made working with you different from any other experience in my life. Firstly, you are such a sympathetic, intelligent, and attentive listener that I have felt, for the first time, fully understood. You have been uncannily able to pinpoint exactly the nature and causes of my distress. And secondly, not only is working with you a delight, but the therapeutic work I have done with you has improved the quality of my life enormously."

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