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Relationships are at the core of our lives, giving  them shape and meaning. When our relationships are going well, we feel enriched and fulfilled by them. But, sometimes, ongoing feelings of hurt, anger, and resentment cause significant distress that creates emotional distance between ourselves and those most important to us. Instead of feeling close, it seems as though those we care about are moving farther away from us.

I am often asked questions such as:


·What makes a relationship satisfying and successful?

·How do we connect with others in meaningful ways?

·What can be done to resolve conflicts and angry feelings?

·How can trust and communication increase?

·How do I know if my relationship is a healthy one?

·How can I improve my relationship with my child?

·Can a relationship heal after an affair?

·How can we feel closer to each other?

Therapy can give you the answers to these questions and others as it teaches you how to regain the emotional closeness you are seeking. Whether the problems are between a couple, parent and child, other family members, or friends, therapy can help you find ways to begin reaching out to those you love and break the cycle of increasing alienation. I can help you learn new skills which will make your communication better, rebuild trust, diminish constant fighting, increase intimacy, and bring about the positive changes you would like to see in your relationships.

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